Social Media is the way to go for any dental practice looking to boost its visibility and reach out. But what are some of the benefits that you can expect from it?  This blog will outline the 13 things that social media can do for your dental practice and leave you itching to get started.

  1. Increase Credibility and Trust
  2. Increase Industry Authority
  3. Improve Customer Service
  4. Increase Patient Loyalty and Create Practice Ambassadors
  5. Bring New Patients
  6. Attract the Kinds of Cases You Want to Do More Of
  7. Decrease Dental Anxiety
  8. Humanize Your Team
  9. Protect Your Reputation
  10. Market Cost-Effectively
  11. Improve SEO
  12. Help You Know What Your Patients Want
  13. Help You Stay Top of Mind

Increase Credibility and Trust 

Everything you post on social media is an extension and representation of your practice. Publishing quality content that adds value makes you look professional, competent,  and caring. 

Increasing Industry Authority

When your colleagues see you share quality content like before and after’s and patient testimonials, it increases your credibility in the industry.  This increase in credibility can lead to more referrals of the kind of cases you want and add to your bottom line.

Improve Customer Service

There are myriad customer service opportunities on social media, from social listening and responding to questions and complaints to answering frequently asked questions.  For a deeper dive into social media customer service, check out this article

Increase Patient Loyalty and Create Practice Ambassadors

  • Offer exclusive content to followers. 
  • Share customer feedback on your page and respond to it promptly.
  • Encourage customers to share their pictures with you using branded hashtags.
  • Provide referral incentives.

Bring New Patients

86% of New Patients call to book only after an online search, so it’s crucial that your Practice not only shows up on search engines but social media channels and that the representation is positive.  94% of patients use online reviews to evaluate providers, so it’s essential to have social listening to respond to good and bad reviews.  

Woman on phone.

Attract the Kinds of Cases You Want to Do More Of

Want to do more Invisalign, or cosmetic cases, or surgery?  Do you love working with anxious patients or children?  Social media is a great way to get the word out about new skills you acquire, services you want to highlight, or attract specific demographics.  You can make your ideal patient the target of any advertising as well. 

Decrease Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety is often related to a bad experience in the past, but fear of the unknown and fear of not being understood can make it worse.  Showing images of welcoming, friendly staff and a soothing atmosphere and expressing a willingness to work with anxious patients can go a long way to giving a nervous patient the confidence to book.  Posting positive reviews by other anxious patients and highlighting a skillset including sedation options can also be extremely helpful.  

Humanize Your Team

The mass of PPE used now, and the industry jargon can make dental professionals seem interchangeable, unapproachable, and wholly lacking in personality.  Behind the scenes, casual and candid shots of the dental team and exciting bio information can humanize your team. 

“People buy from people they trust, and they trust people they like.”  -Garrison Wynn.

Protect Your Reputation

Social Media gives everyone a voice today.  That means that it’s essential to listen to and respond to both positive and negative feedback.  If a former patient is displeased, take the chat somewhere private and strive to resolve the situation.  You may be able to turn the problem and the narrative around.  

Market Cost-Effectively

Profiles and pages are free to set up, and organic reach can accomplish a lot.  Most paid campaigns are also relatively low-cost.  The highest cost is the investment of time it takes, and the learning curve can be steep.  

Improve SEO

While social media doesn’t directly improve SEO, it can increase traffic and links to your site, increasing your brand exposure and enhancing your SEO.  For more details on how social media can strengthen SEO, see this article.  

seo graphic

Help You Know What Your Patients Want

Social listening is the monitoring of social media channels for audience research.  It can tell you what’s being said about your office and give you a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t.  You may be surprised, for example, to find out that patients hate the uncomfortable chairs in your waiting room or that a particular team member is seen as rude.  If the customer is always right, it pays to find out what the customer is saying!

Help You Stay Top of Mind

Do you want to keep your practice top of mind? Social media is an excellent tool for this. You can create content that gets people talking and sharing organically with their friends. You’ll stay in potential customers’ minds as they see and share posts about your company on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


The growth of social media has changed the way we communicate and how businesses operate. Today, many people are reaching out to their friends and family through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Social media presents a unique opportunity to reach both new and existing patients.  Don’t pass it up!


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